Work With Me

1-1 Intention Setting Sessions 

 Wanna chat? Sometimes we just need that unbiased Soul to run a thought, idea, goal, or a “hey I’ve been thinking . . . ” These conversations can be held sacred and also very productive, especially when you just need some enthusiasm and clarity.

Allowing me to help hold a conversation with you would feel like you are talking with a friend that cares, all the while, we would create a way to address, tackle, and design a game plan for you to set a smart goal or intention to a core issue in your heart. 

A typical 1-on-1 Intention Setting Sessions breakdown would look like this:

Energy clearing in our space either together or in our individual spaces, getting centered, grounded, and set an intention for our time together.
Identifying core issues . . . let’s break it down, what’s on your heart?
Okay, so now what?
Let’s carve out ways that you can utilize your moments in your daily life.
Let’s find the opportunities and ways you can feel into your own power to create the life and lifestyle that you desire.
Designing ritual, creative space, or a routine
How it will happen?
Together, we determine your best actions to focus on so that you can determine your level of success.
Then, we celebrate, we bless our time together, we have closing affirmation. 

  • Time: 45 Minutes Sessions 

  • Pricing: 5 Pack for $250

  • Or $75/Hour

  • Free 15 Minute Consult to see if we make a good match

  • Email to set up an appointment

  • 1-1 Intention Setting SOUL-O Personal Retreat $398


Workshops & Retreats

Does your Soul desire to have time alone and a safe space to be introspective? 
The idea of a Solo retreat can feel intimidating to many, and for many, it’s hard to know what to do or where to start. Allow me to be your guide for a 24-hour Soul-O Retreat.

Here’s how it works!

Day One:

  • Arrival at a beautiful tiny home located on a gorgeous property in Centerburg, OH

  • After settling in, a quick Meet & Greet, or a Walk & Talk with Kerry Hope
    This allows us time to go through an energy clearing ceremony and set an intention for our time in the retreat space

  • Sunset Ceremony & Oracle Card Reading/ Journal prompts 

  • You will then be encouraged to have a Silent Evening
    (You will need to provide your own nursing meal/snacks) 

Day Two:

  • The morning will start at on agreed time based on each guest’s preference (7am-9:30am)

  • Sunrise Ceremony and Oracle Card Reading with Kerry Hope

  • Mindfulness Walk Or Guided Meditation (weather depending)

  • Intention Setting Session

  • Personal Time & Space to Journal 

  • Room, accommodation in a tiny house (Queen Bed/Twin Bed up in lofts)

  • Breakfast will be provided


  • Women Circles $8-$25/pp or donate to SisterMagic Scholarship Fund 


  • Description 

My warmth and welcoming nature create an environment that allows others to feel safe and at ease. I utilize my strength by creating opportunities for women to gather and be witnessed in a very impacting and personal way. My facilitation process is based around a monthly astrology theme to learn, discuss, and tap into our own intuitive guidance. We do this through a guided visualization, and a safe, deep-hearted share of our own experiences, or what we learn from our inner wisdom. This is also a way for the group to teach and impact the other women in the circle. 


Options for a Women’s Circle Include:

  • Circles hosted in Centerburg Ohio (Limited 8 persons)

  • Video Conferencing

  • Allow me to come to you! Crafting a small group ceremony for your own circle of women. In a cozy home, yoga studio, or outside in a park. I can bring the circle to you.



Online Courses

  • Chakra Alignment $48

  • Creating Your Sacred Space $18

  • New Moon Intention $8