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Open Your Heart - Connecting through Cocoa Ceremony

The beauty of all spiritually-based ceremony is how it is created. Similar to a unique art piece, a cocoa ceremony can be an incredibly moving experience based on the facilitator and the participants in the ceremony.

An ancient ceremony and practice that dates back 5,900 years ago in Amazon cultures, and 3,900 years ago in Central America and Mayan civilizations. This ritual of a cacao ceremony has so many pleasant benefits for your heart and body health and deepening your sense of Self, Inner Knowing, and setting intentions.

Simply put, a cacao ceremony is a way to connect to your heart, experience a connection in a community, and well, just feel happy!! Who couldn’t use a little extra cup of pure happiness right now??

So what is cacao anyway? The cacao used in the ceremony comes from the same cocoa plants/beans that are used to make chocolate. However, unlike all the additional sweeteners that are added to chocolate, the powder from the cocoa is mixed with other additional spices and made into a creamy hot beverage. The recipes can vary greatly in how it is made, but all cacao should be made with super loving intentions for the ceremony. The blessings and intentions put into the blends will activate the ‘Spirit’ of the cocoa plant, and in turn, the experience of the plant medicine is felt in a very, loving and energetic way as a participant.

Consuming cocoa as a medicinal plant in a sacred ceremony, there are then multiple ways to integrate the medicine. Mindfulness and meditative guided journeys, dance, and body movement, or restorative yogic postures are a few ways to feel into the body experience of cocoa. Depending on the facilitator, you can also incorporate multiple ways to enjoy the beverage during a ceremony.

Please know that the effects of cocoa are not hallucinogenic, or mind-altering in any way. The sensation of cocoa is to allow yourself to connect to your heart and this can oftentimes bring emotions to the surface. As humans, we can tuck and hide our emotions away, and when opening yourself to your heart, you may be surprised that emotions of joy may appear, just as well emotions of sadness, grief, or past traumas may appear. If you are held in a safe space with the right facilitator and group for a cocoa ceremony, the process of feeling into your emotions can be a beautiful and incredibly healing experience.

If you are curious about trying a cocoa ceremony, I would encourage you to find a group, or facilitator that speaks to your heart. Always ask questions if you are unsure! The people that gather together to create a ritual around a cocoa ceremony typically are very approachable and open-minded folks, and you should always feel welcomed when you are exploring new ways to connect to a Spiritual practice.

May you find beautiful opportunities in your path of this life, and always remember to connect to your heart. It is your beautiful home after all!

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