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It all comes back to the evergreens

New Moon in Pisces - Remembrance

The women who gather each month under the energy of the New Moon, here at the Wild Women Project, are using this new moon cycle in Pisces (March 6- April 4, 2019) to slow down and remember how and why we need to connect with our divine and sacred. Inspired by the archetype of Pisces, a feminine charged sign that is receptive to inner-knowing & intuition. Pisces is

also ruled in the 12 House of Unconsciousness and Self-Knowing. We inspire to feel into the ways we can connect with our own sacred and divine. Each of us will approach our connection to divine or sacred in different ways, also know that each of us have a different aspect or viewpoint of what Divine and Sacred mean. I encourage you to take a moment to reflect on the topic, or feel free to read my experience as to how I found connection to my sacred as a little girl and into my young adult years.

What do you consider to be sacred or divine?

I have very clear memories of being in nature as a little girl, surrounded by the beautiful Rocky Mountains, the sound of crystal clear rivers, creeks, brooks that would trickle the most gorgeous sounds as I traversed along side of a hiking trail. The smell of pines to this day bring such a state of euphoria to my mind, that I always knew in those moments that I was surrounded by a sense of magic. Looking back throughout the decades of my life, I have come to realize that I lived in constant pursuit of finding this sensation. This euphoric feeling.

For me, my sacred and divine have been easily accessible through my time spent in nature. Summer camps then introduced a new level of sacred experiences when the 10 year old, social, extroverted Kerry was able to incorporate outdoor euphoria with friends and community. Jackpot! This chase of sacred sensations continued throughout my young adulthood when extreme outdoor experiences were introduced. Holy Jackpot!!

Repealing down 35 foot cliff walls in Vermont, whitewater rafting on Class II- IV rapids (depending on east or west coast rivers), hiking 18” wide trails alongside the Sierra mountain edges with 65lbs on my back to peaks that had views for miles. Skydiving. All these moments I knew my sacred was with me. For several years, I continued to chased the sensations of the Divine. I knew, my sacred and divine was with me when my palms were sweaty, my heart was pounding, and I knew I was going to either find fear or flow, but either way I was divinely protected.

Now, as a mother and life-partner to my beloved, I realize I have more at stake to be chasing the sensations of euphoria and connection to my divine through extreme outdoor adventures. Now, I have found, I actually feel most connect to the sacred and divine when I am completely still. Watching the sunset over the horizon, sitting in quiet contemplation, sipping a tea cozied up in blankets, and I still always seek out the trails with pine trees.

How are you showing up in the spiritual dimension of your life?

Creating time and space to honor the spiritual dimension of my life is incredibly important to me. I find time every day to honor my path, my journey, and existence. Reading or listening to podcasts, mindfulness and creating time for contemplation, practicing yoga, walking in nature, and assuring self care time through hot baths, and body/energy work. These activities allow me the time to connect and show up for the spiritual dimensions this lifetime.

What is a value or quality that you embody in your approach to Remembrance of the sacred or divine in your life?

Trust. Knowing that all the right messages, all best lessons come at the perfect, divine timing. I trust that I am fully capable to continue to grow and develop along side of my sacred and divine. My inner-knowing is that my guides trust me too. They always lead me to the right people, the most magnificent places, and the smell of the evergreens.

“Your sacred space is where you can find yourself over and over again.”

~Joseph Campbell

How do you connect to your sacred in your life? There is space below that welcomes your answers.

Looking forward,

Kerry Hope

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