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MOTHER TO CRONE: Reflections on Seasonal Transformation

This Autumn Season, the trees have shifted in their essence, and the colors of their leaves have transformed. I find pleasure in walking amongst the intelligence of our homeland trees. Witnessing the change in a significant way, with so many different species of trees, and so many varieties of colors, shapes, textures, and scents, swells my heart open.

We, too, have the same intelligence and innate ways of honoring our senses. When we see ourselves as the same as the landscape of nature, we can tap into the wisdom we carry. The Mother archetype is bountiful in loving energy. As we transition through the Autumn season, we can find ways to love ourselves similar to the love of a Mother. Simultaneously, we can also feel the slower pace, the presence, and the calm in which the Crone Archytpe demonstrates. We can practice both in this beautiful season we call Autumn.

The seasonal highlight (thus far) was in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where my partner and I spent a weekend with another couple at their cabin on Sand River. We became infused by the power of their body wisdom, home-cooked meals, and the massive amount of beauty in and around Lake Superior. We arrived to their camp noticing the colors of the maples and the white pines that surrounded our GEOD dome abode, and when we left, we saw how the leaves had already shifted in that short time, changed utterly. And so had we.

Over the past few months, I found myself in what has become a familiar ‘hermit mode.’ Since leaving a marriage in 2020, the concept of hermit mode has been my safe space and one in which I find true peace. However, after birthing my first published book on June 21, I recognized that thoughts and emotions were familiar to postpartum depression.

The process of writing, editing, re-writing, more editing, the design, the cover, and the acknowledgments was laborious. And then, the book becomes an actual ‘thing’ and is delivered out into the world. My baby was born, and the love and excitement were overwhelming and beautiful, and the summer season continued, and I somehow continued to feel more and more ‘Summer Sadness.’

Side Note: I send so much love to the women who have been through or are currently in the hold of postpartum depression. To climb through the heaviness and emotions day to day while being 100% dependent on by a newborn baby is no easy feat. Keep looking forward.

As the season shifted, as they always do, so did I. I committed to a time frame of sobriety, and I focused on my two kiddos in the last of their summer season as they rolled into their new middle school activities and events. As a result, I found more peace in my heart and clarity in my mind. I took a page out of my book and felt my Soul Self sink into the seasons' rhythms. I witnessed the changing of colors, and the leaves danced through the air as they descended. I, too, am changing and releasing.

The shift of energy through the Autumn season, and from Mother to Crone energy, is powerful and intense. Yet, we can choose to feel through these changes with grace and gratitude, and perhaps our hearts might swell open a tiny bit more. Wishing for you all a season of deep inhalations and slow exhalations.

To learn more about living within the natural seasons and cycles this Autumn, check out

Your Triple Goddess: A Path to Self-Love, Empowerment, and Healing

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