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Life to the Fullest ~ Love through Action

Hello, My full name is Kerry Hope Mackey Griffith, and this is how I am living my Life to he Fullest under the spotlight of the Libra full moon.

March 20, 2019, happens to be the beginning of the Astrological calendar, kicking off with Aries action-oriented drive and energy. It also happens to be the Spring, or Vernal Equinox. This is a perfect time to examine living our life to the fullest under the light of the full moon, as we initiate a fresh, new Spring Season. This month, I choose to live my life to the fullest by examining how Love is truly an action, and using this knowledge to set my values around the Relationships in my life.

Last New Moon in October, The Wild Women Project group of women were inspired by the archetype of Libra, the beautiful Air sign that has a masculine charge and ruled by Venus, the Goddess of the planets. Libra sits in the 7th House of Partnerships, which focuses on how you interact with the other people in your life: partners in love or business, friendships, and our awareness of others.

As I reflect on the RELATIONSHIPS in my life, I am living my life to the fullest with action, which very much embodies the Aries energy. Love is more than a feeling, but a way to show, respond, and communicate with the important people in our lives. Showing love through action for me is courage, compassion and compromise.

The three most important relationships in my everyday, are with my housemates. My husband, my son, and my daughter. I am an incredibly blessed women, that out of the 7.63 billion people on our planet, these three choose to have a relationship with me. Living my life to the fullest is to be my personal best to these three Beings everyday. As many might agree, that is not always easy. However, here are some ways I demonstrate Love through Action.

Love through Action with my son is staying up late to help him get his homework done, or just listening while he processes life as a 10 year old. It takes courage for me to be firm with him on screen time and technology limits, as his willful personality can be very trying on a worn out mother. Love through Action can also be just sitting next to him on sofa, and physically being close so that he knows I am there.

Love through Action with my daughter is participating with all her ways of "play". Pretending I’m one of the student as she teaches her classroom consisting of me and her stuffed animals. Swinging, jumping on trampoline, and snuggling with her in bed each night to read books. Love through action with my daughter is compassion. Putting the phone down so that I can look her in the blue eyes as she tells me the greatest story. Hugging her tightly when she is upset, sick or took a spill on her bike.

Love through Action with my beloved is also giving him my full attention. We love our post work hours together, listening to music and making dinner. Catching each other up on all the happenings from our days, and planning out our weekends to come. Love through Action also entails a fair amount of compromise. As a person who loves to take care of her own needs, and desires to do many thing, this has always been a very challenging aspect to marriage for me. Love through Action is choosing to give up things that I may want to do, in order to be with my family, or to honor my husband's time with other friends and activities. Love through Action for us has always been a giant hug every morning when we part, and taking a moment for an embrace every time we reunite together. Shining under the light of the full moon, I wish you all beautiful ways to create love through action with your relationships too.

How do you show Love through Action with the Relationships in your everyday life? How are you living life to your fullest?

Looking forward,

Kerry Hope

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