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Life to the Fullest: Full Moon in Leo

Living my Life to the Fullest under the light of this full moon in Leo means feeling into my courage in a few Lioness ways. As the Moon reaches her beautiful fullness in Leo today, I share a few ways on how I can embrace the strengths of this inward fire-sign archetype as a nod of inspiration.

Courage to CREATE.

Courage to PLAY.

Courage to EXPRESS Yourself.

Finding courage in creativity has been a struggle in my younger years of life. Growing up with an artistic family, creative and ingenious entrepreneurs, I knew I was cut from the same cloth, yet, why did my ceramics and canvas not always feel “good”?

I have learned that creativity is more than paints and penmanship. I became more aware of how I can be creative, and how to tap into my creativity. Creativity in my home and work, I shine when I feel as if my expression of creativity is authentic and different.

Here are a few examples:

~ I love creating beautiful spaces in my home with alters that rotate based on the seasons.

~ Creating beautifully plated meals as a way to honor my body, and those I am feeding.

~ The creativity and expression of what I wear makes me feel my best with scarves, jewelry, and accessories.

Creativity doesn't have to be a finished piece of art but can simply be ways you stack books on your bookshelves, organize your pantry, or how you fold your laundry. There is no right way. Just do what feels fun and different for you. Finding the courage to step outside of the way you have always done a task, and be creative around doing it differently. I encourage you to find one thing today you can live as your full Self and create!

Then it’s time to Play! Grab the hand of your sweet, inner-child. Play with them!!

Finding the courage to play as an adult can be very awkward and uncomfortable. I get it! My daughter would beg me to play “house” with her as a little girl. I almost could feel the dread in my mouth when I would say “Sure honey, I would love to!” Perhaps it was exhaustion at this stage of life, but it was also just the awkwardness of playing for me. I really had to hone in on finding a good storyline with her, and often it included me playing the role of the tired, older Sister that didn’t feel good, and wanted her to take care of me and rub my feet. Ha, worked every time too.

Now, I see her and her friends create these amazing skits and plays and think, “Wow, how fun to just step into these characters and PLAY as if I am someone else. Bravo!!”

Being courageous enough to play in your everyday life creates fun and laughter, and can’t we all use a little more of that in our day-to-day? Here are a few ways I embrace the courage to play:

~ Allow myself to be silly and goofy with my kids, friends, and family.

~ Learn a funny joke you can have in your back pocket to share. I still use the joke my best friend taught me in college about ‘Bubba’ going to the Asterisk party. It’s a good one.

~ DANCE!! Dance around your kitchen to your favorite teenage throw-back.

For me, Sweet Child of Mine by Guns N' Roses, get’s me every time.

How do you bring in the courage under the light of this full moon in Leo to EXPRESS?? This is a big one! “Do You BELIVE IN LOVE?? Cuz I’ve got something to say about it, and goes something like this . . . .”

Expression of one Self can be incredibly intimidating at times, and it can come naturally at times too. As my girlfriends and I have recently embraced the phrase, “Let your FREAK FLAG fly!” I often find myself looking around to see if anyone is actually watching me? Guess what?? It’s okay if they are, and most of the time they are not. So being your true self is speaking up, shaking your booty, wearing it anyway, and expressing who you are with colors, textures, and stickers on your water bottle . . . truly anything!!

“Just do you”, as the saying goes.

Expressing your Self can be empowering to you, and it also is empowering to others. Expressing your Self in a photo as I have done, allowed me to express my Courage, my WILD, my “Yeah, I’m 44 and can still rock a mask and creative attire." Trust me this takes a ton of courage, and yeah there may be judgment outside the walls, but guess what, being your true Self feels way better than being someone who you are not. Being proud of who you are instead of hiding aspects of yourself from others is not only liberating and free, it is crucial to your mental and emotional well-being. You are living this one precious life for YOU!! Do it in a way that makes you feel creative and playful. Be courageous in how you express yourself and how you express your love.

And, if you would rather lay in the grass and lick your lioness paws, or swat the cubs off your back as they play in order to rest in the warmth and coziness of your den, then do that instead! Here is to your own way of Living your Life to Your Fullest!

Happy Full Moon in Leo Lioness!

Kerry Hope

Leo Affirmations: "As I beam my joy and love to others, I am warmed and fulfilled by my own radiance."


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