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Life to the Fullest

Hello, My full name is Kerry Hope Mackey Griffith, and this is how I am living my Life to he Fullest under the spotlight of a full moon.

Living my to the fullest includes early mornings with hot coffee, tea, or lemon water (depending), as I chat with my beloved man, my partner and best friend over the details of our day ahead, interesting news stories, or breaking down the details of a dream as we awake from slumber.

Living my life to the fullest is enjoying the moments I have with my kids as we rally for school, and as most parents know, these moments are not the most enjoyable at times. Living my life to the fullest is arriving to work each day with positivity in my heart that it will be a productive day, and running a business based solely on service, I keep a sweet smile on my face and ask for forgiveness in a world of imperfections and human error.

Living my life to the fullest is staying present when I listen. Staying present when I talk. Staying present when I traverse the grocery, gas station, and my car commutes . . . which also are my favorite times to create, daydream, and talk to my girl friends.

Living my life to the fullest is creating a sanctuary space that is warm, loving, organized, and inspiring for me, my family, and other guests to call “home”. Living my life to the fullest is gathering under the sky as the moon phases to darkness, to hold a safe container for women to circle, to be seen and heard, witnessed.

Living in my to the fullest is accepting that by Being Me I am doing more with my life.

How do you live life to your fullest?

Looking forward,

Kerry Hope

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