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Heals To You!

How did you come to yoga?

The beginning of my yoga journey started in 1996, when I learned the postures of Hatha yoga and was introduced to a few Ayurvedic practices. As a young women, it sparked my curiosity, and I found myself drawn to literature around Buddhism, and spiritual enlightenment. Throughout my yoga journey, I found myself seeking out yoga instructors that incorporated the spiritual aspects to the practice. I needed to hear the message. I found myself craving the words of instructors, the lightness in my heart, and finding space to honor my Soul. Yoga was the start of my journey to freedom and love. I am forever grateful to have a yoga practice. I am forever grateful to watch the Columbus, Ohio yoga community grow. My yoga practice has lead me to some of the most incredible instructors, gurus, friends, and my tribe. Yoga has lead me to creating an experience for our community to gather in the sacred grounds in Centerburg, Ohio each fall. Learn More!

What does yoga mean to you beyond just the physical?

Yoga is feeling the power within myself, and seeing what I am physically capable of doing. Yoga is connecting to myself through breath. Connecting to my Soul through music and movement. There is nothing more freeing than a flow session to amazing music. The physical movement takes me into a new realm of consciousness and gratitude. I can feel every part of my body and breath working in tandem, and after many years of practice, I finally can say, “Dang girl, you have one incredible body that can do so much. Look what it can do!” To share all of this after many classes of self-doubt, criticizing myself, and posture comparing, I can say that yoga is transformative and healing.

What about yoga practice is healing?

Yoga heals. If you have ever practiced yoga, then you should already be familiar with the good ‘ole “yoga cry”. Come now, it happens to us all at some point. There have been yoga tears that trickle off my nose onto my mat, and then there are the big floodgate cries, and down into child’s pose I go. Why is this?? Yoga heals. It might take a phrase from an instructor, a thought in consciousness, a song on the set list. The storage of a memory that is released from a hip opener, or just the single idea that my very existence in this time and space is a complete miracle. I allow the tears, as they too are healing waters. Heals to YOU!

How has yoga healed You in your practice?

(Space below for your amazing viewpoints)

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