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About Kerry Hope

My desired intentions for our space together call upon the feeling tones of trust, support, safety, inspiration, connection, and freedom. Fostering a community for all women & those that identify as women to experience safety, groundedness, being seen & heard, permission to be truthful, open & accepting, feeling supported and supporting others, and living in their true, authentic heart space.

When we are living consciously and aware, we are on a path of transformation. The Greek word, Metanoia (meh-ta-noy-ah), speaks to just this; the journey of changing one's body, mind, heart, Self, or way of life as an embodiment to connect to the Divine within. 

Throughout my life, I have learned to accept and surrender to the ongoing change and transitions that life presented to me. From childhood, teenager, and young adulthood, to becoming a mother, and through my relationship with my husband, I had always been a seeker of truth.  After 18 years of marriage, and raising two kids together, I found myself feeling incomplete, and desiring a different kind of love. My Soul’s heart was searching, and the timing of finding such love came as it did. In turn, this led to a heartbreaking dismantling of my marriage. Therapy, and learning how to "consciously uncouple" allowed us to recreate our relationship into friendly co-parenting. All while, my true love has continued to grow for another. A beautiful woman this time around! 

Along this path, I have discovered tools and resources that supported me in the process of changing and redesigning my life to stay true to my best, authentic Self.  I feel called to share my experience, and all the tools I found along the way.

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